Yes. You read this page title right, “Design and web development.”

Though the majority of my working hours over the last decade and a half have been as a writer, I’ve also managed to accrue a modicum of design skills as well.


Firstly, I studied design in college before realizing that I wanted to be on the writing side of a creative team.

Of course that realization didn’t come until I was nearly wrapped up with my design minor. So, I finished it. Hell, I was in no hurry to leave college anyway.

Secondly, I’ve partnered with some amazingly gifted art directors. I think I’ve picked up a fairly astute design sense practically by osmosis or association or whatever you want to call it. Fine gentlemen and ladies such as Denis Zimmermann, Dana Neibert, Ashley Caballes, Mike Stivers, Rob Petrie, and Jules Van Gelder.

To see examples of my work, hop on over to Epidemik – Art and Code for Amusement and Commerce.